Gifts For Your Gaming-Obsessed Teenager


Today’s teenager often finds themselves surrounded by a world of technological gadgets that just a few decades ago weren’t even a thing yet. Most teens get their first smartphone at an early age (on average, 7th grade) and then continue to build their collection of gadgetry as the years go on. To some teens, no piece of technology means more to them than their–gaming console. That’s right. You may have thought their cell phone would have been their top pick, but more and more young people are becoming obsessed with console gaming–whether handheld or classic versions.

As a parent who did NOT grow up in a world full of booming technological advances and hip gadgetry in the palm of your hand, it can be hard to navigate all the different types of consoles and gaming gear available to your and your little gamer these days. If you’re looking to surprise them with a gift, it can be even more difficult because you can’t ask for their opinion or advice on the matter. Here we’ve compiled a shortlist of awesome gift ideas for those parents and grandparents who just aren’t sure what they should buy for their gamer kid’s birthday or holiday gift. Some of them will surprise you or seem strange, but we promise—they’ll be appreciated!

Since your gamer kid probably already has the newest (or at least their most-preferred) version of a gaming console, you may need to look a little deeper to find the perfect present. If you head to a gaming store like GameStop with a list of what games your teen loves to play, they can probably tell you what game your teen is most looking forward to coming out and when it will hit the shelves. But you have to make sure your teen hasn’t already used their allowance to snag a early edition copy or pre-ordered the game before purchasing. If you’re sure they haven’t, then surprising your gamer kid with the game they’ve been dreaming of and waiting for for months is one of the best gifts you could hope for.

If your game-obsessed teenager spends hours and hours in front of the PC or TV, they may find themselves becoming physically uncomfortable. There are a few different gifts that can make their gaming binges a little more cozy. A gaming chair that is ergonomically designed to bring back and neck relief to strained gamers is a huge asset to the long-time gamer. If your teen prefers games that are played on the computer, a padded keyboard and mouse may be just what they need to relieve wrist and hand pain. All of these items can be found online on Amazon or at your local Wal-Mart. But if your gamer kid prefers to spend their hours gaming comfy on the couch, then make sure that couch is the coziest it can be! Find stylish and comfortable throw pillows and blankets from Ugg that will make your teen’s gaming area look and feel amazing! They offer fuzzy, warm, stylish room accessories that will make your teen cuddle up to their favorite game and thank you endlessly!

So don’t fret–we know how hard it can be to shop for kids who are interested in things parents may or may not have experience with. But never fear–follow these simple guidelines and your gamer kid will be grateful.