Know the legal factors of the drug 3-meo-PHP


3-meo-pcp is the strong dissociative drug similar to phencyclidine (PCP). The effects of these two compounds may be similar but are not identical. The psychoactive effects of this drug are derived as per the ability of the compound to antagonize the NMDA receptors. When compared to PCP, 3-meo-PCP is more potent NMDA agonist. It can be used in different ways like oral consumption, vaporization in the form of cigarettes, injection. All these forms require 3-meo-PCP in the salt form. It effects in three ways that include positive, neutral and negative.

Consumption of 3-meo-PCP gives some positive effects including energy levels elevation, loss of inhibitions and euphoria. When coming to neutral effects it gives the feeling of invulnerability and dissociation, cause confusion, nystagmus etc. Sometimes it can cause negative effects like increased heart rate, amnesia, changes in body temperature, psychotic episodes and even come. It is recommended to consult a physician before using this drug. Taking low and medium dose of this compound can give good effects. Get help from the experts to gain more benefits and to induce positive effects.

3-meo-PCP is a strong psychoactive substance and hence humans with mental illness should avoid this compound. It is a research chemical and yet to be used for clinical trials. However the user of this strong dissociative drug recommends using it in medium dose. Check out the latest threads about the drug in online forums and research more to know in detail about the benefits and drawbacks. It is better to avoid combining this drug with other substances especially with compounds like stimulants and psychedelics. It is considered to be highly addictive when taken regularly. Know the adverse side effects and use it in low dose to overcome it. You can do independent research and order the drug online at cheap cost.